Due to popular demand, BAD Sydney is back for a second year running with an exciting program.

A newcomer to the program is the Danger Prize night, hosted by award-winning novelist Candice Fox, who will oversee the ultimate crime ‘pub quiz’ as patrons find themselves with some of the country’s best crime writers in the race to find the best crime guru.

The night will kick off with the inaugural Danger Prize being awarded to the best TV series, book or film about crime and Sydney. Former political journalist, Laurie Oakes will present the Danger Prize as well as the Danger Lifetime Achievement Award.


1Opening Night: Danger Prize presentation, Quiz Night and Party – food and drink.

Guest Speaker: Laurie Oakes

Criminal Trivia Quiz with Candice Fox

Special Guest: Carl Synnerdahl

Hosts include Mark Morri, Megan Goldin, Tim Watson-Munro, Susi Fox, Duncan McNab, Xanthe Mallett and Nerida Campbell.
Laurie Oakes6:00PM – 8:00PMWater Police Court
Ex-armed robber Carl Synnerdahl talks to psychologistTim Watson-Munro about fooling judges, prison officers – and Fred Hollows – into believing he was blind, and the film Hoodwink that followed.
Carl Synnerdahl, Tim Watson-Munro10:00AM – 11:00AMWater Police Court
2Baby in the Suitcase: infanticide in Sydney in the 1920s,
Author of The Suitcase Baby and sociologist Tanya Bretherton in conversation with Nerida Campbell.
Tanya Bretherton, Nerida Campbell10:00AM – 11:00AMPolice Court
3Shine the Light:
Investigative journalist Joanne McCarthy in conversation with Fr Frank Brennan AO SJ on the child abuse royal commission she helped bring about.
Joanne McCarthy, Fr Frank Brennan SJ11:15AM – 12:15AMWater Police Court
4New writers and their stories:
Anna Snoekstra, SA Jones, Susi Fox talking with Fiona Higgins.
Anna Snoekstra, SA Jones, Fiona Higgins, Susi Fox11:15AM – 12:15AMPolice Court
5Killer Instinct:
Experienced forensic psychiatrist and author Donald Grant talks to Michael Duffy about the killer inside us all.
Donald Grant, Michael Duffy12:30PM – 1:30PMWater Police Court
6Local Writers, Global Stories:
Jack Heath, Dervla McTiernan and Megan Goldin talk with Suzanne Leal about setting their novels overseas.
Dervla McTiernan, Suzanne Leal, Jack Heath, Megan Goldin12:30PM – 1:30PMPolice Court
7Lunch and book-signing1:30PMSummons Court Room
8Politics and Badness
Laurie Oakes in conversation with Malcolm Farr.
Laurie Oakes, Malcolm Farr2:15PM – 3:15PMWater Police Court
9Mothers who Murder
Xanthe Mallett talks with Suzanne Leal about her book on one of the hardest types of murder to understand.
Xanthe Mallett, Suzanne Leal2:15PM – 3:15PMPolice Court
10The Making of Murderers:
How criminals are created in childhood – and even earlier, former judge Brian Knox SC and psychologist Gabrielle Duffy with Wendy Field.
Wendy Field, Gabrielle Duffy, Brian Knox3:30PM – 4:30PMWater Police Court
11Reporting Crime
The Daily Telegraph’s Mark Morri, the ABC’s Jamelle Wells, and crime author Adam Shand talk to Michael Duffy about the life of the crime reporter.
Jamelle Wells, Adam Shand, Mark Morri, Michael Duffy3:30PM – 4:30PMPolice Court
1Crime Capitals:
Comparing the underworlds of Sydney and Melbourne, Mark Morri, Adam Shand interviewed by Michael Duffy.
Adam Shand, Mark Morri, Michael Duffy10:00AM – 11:00AMWater Police Court
2A Shrink in the Clink
Psychologist Tim Watson-Munro speaks to Matthew Benns about his latest book, on his work in prisons over 40 years.
Matthew Benns, Tim Watson-Munro10:00AM – 11:00AMPolice Court
3Lives of Crime:
Ex-judge Brian Knox and ex-chief prosecutor Mark Tedeschi reflect on courts and criminals with Jamelle Wells.
Jamelle Wells, Mark Tedeschi QC, Brian Knox11:15AM – 12:15AMWater Police Court
4Spotlight on Candice Fox:
One of our most critically acclaimed and most successful authors discusses her work with Suzanne Leal.
Suzanne Leal, Candice Fox12:30PM – 1:30PMWater Police Court
5Australia’s prohibition:
How SP betting and illegal alcohol helped shape Sydney, Nerida Campbell and Michael Duffy with Gary Sturgess.
Gary Sturgess, Nerida Campbell, Michael Duffy12:30PM – 1:30PMPolice Court
6Lunch and book-signing1:30PMSummons Court Room
7Nordic Noir – how the Scandis have changed crime on our screens
Sue Turnbull, just back from Scandanavia, in conversation with Caroline Baum.
Caroline Baum, Sue Turnbull2:15PM – 3:15PMWater Police Court
8Sydney’s gay murders:
Ex-detective and author Duncan McNab speaks with Steve Page, former OIC of Operation Taradale, and lawyer Nick Stewart, about killing, homophobia, and the police.
Nicholas Stewart, Steve Page, Duncan McNab2:15PM – 3:15PMPolice Court
9DIY Publishing: tips, pitfalls, benefits:
Ned Kelly shortlisted Ged Gillmore and Andrew Christie with self-publishing guru Joel Naoum.
Joel Naoum, Ged Gillmore, Andrew Christie3:30PM – 4:30PMPolice Court