BAD: ALL About Crime is a new podcast from BAD Sydney Crime Writers Festival, made possible through funding from the City of Sydney.

Readers’ appetite for crime fiction and true crime stories continues to soar and the team from BAD Sydney examines the hot topics and themes in crime fiction and true crime. Each month, our writer-detectives Suzanne Leal and Andy Muir explore the big questions in crime writing. They talk about true crime, psychological thrillers, domestic crime, spy thrillers, police procedurals and more with crime writers and readers, both Australian and international.


Introducing the BAD: All About Crime Podcast

Welcome to BAD: All About Crime a brand new podcast brought to you by BAD Sydney Crime Writers Festival and the City of Sydney. 

In this podcast, writers and crime aficionados, Suzanne Leal and Andy Muir, explore the big questions in crime and crime writing. True crime, domestic crime, psychological thrillers, crime noir, they’ll be talking about this and much more with your favourite crime writers every month.

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Episode One: Hooked On Crime

Crime fiction –once you’re hooked, it’s hard to beat the addiction. In the first official episode of the BAD: All About Crime Podcast hosts Suzanne Leal and Andy Muir are joined by Catherine du Peloux Menagé, artistic director of BAD Sydney Crime Writers Festival, and crime fiction review and judge, Sue Turnbull, to talk about the books that first got them hooked and the one that’s most recently kept them addicted. 

Episode Two: Crime Fiction and True Crime

In this episode hosts Suzanne Leal and Andy Muir are joined by journalist and writer of true crime and crime fiction Caroline Overington, as well as art historian, crime novelist and true crime writer Katherine Kovacic. Caroline will talk about her books Missing William Tyrrell and The Ones you Trust. Katherine will discuss her latest book in the Alex Clayton series The Shifting Landscape and her first true crime book The Schoolgirl Strangler. You can buy the books from podcast partner Booktopia.

Episode Three: Revisiting Peter Temple "The Red Hand"

In this episode host Andy Muir is joined by Text CEO and Publisher, Michael Heyward, to discuss the work of the late Peter Temple and his book The Red Hand. Following the interview, Suzanne Leal, Dr Sue Turnbull and Catherine du Peloux Menage explore Temple’s back catalogue with Andy, unpacking Jack Irish, Truth and The Broken Shore to reflect on why he is one of Australia’s most important crime writers. All the books discussed can be purchased from podcast partner Booktopia.

This podcast is supported by The City of Sydney