BAD Sydney Crime Writers Festival:
1 - 5 November 2023


Crime Writers Festival

Welcome to BAD 2023, the place for every crime story. We’re bigger, badder and better than ever with new offerings, as well as your favourite fiction, true crime and social justice events, to entertain, inform and provoke from 1-5 November, all day and into the evenings.

We bring you an opening night crime edition of Literary Death Match on Wednesday November 1. Four writers address our Festival theme A place for every crime story on Wednesday 2. Find the murderer in the Whodunnit evening on Saturday November 4 and don’t miss your favourite crime trivia night on Friday 3 and the  announcement of three Danger Awards for fiction, true crime and for the first time the People’s Choice award.

Aspiring crime writers have a choice of four workshops and can pitch to publishers and agents for the first time. Continue to walk the talk in Surry Hills and Hyde Park. There really is something for every crime lover.

BAD Sydney Crime Writers Festival 2023
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BAD SYDNEY - BAD Sydney 2023: Sydney Crime Writers Festival Speakers



Adrian Todd Zuniga

Alexandra Joel

Amanda Hampson

Andy Muir

Anna Valdinger

Anne Buist

Ashley Kalagian Blunt

Aunty Barbara Nicholson

Ben Hobson

Benjamin Herder

Benjamin Stevenson

Beverley Cousins

Candice Fox

Caroline Overington

Cassie McCullagh

Chris Hammer

Chris Stuart

Claude Robinson

Claudine Tinellis

Craig Semple

Damian Moss

Daniel Pilkington

Darcy Tindale

Deborah Wallace

Dennis Altman

Dinuka McKenzie

Duncan McNab

Elizabeth Coleman

Elliot Lindsay

Elspeth Menzies

Felicity McLean

Felix Shannon

Fiona Britton

Fiona Sussman

Gabriel Bergmoser

Gaby Naher

Gary Jubelin

Hayley Scrivenor

Jacqueline Bublitz

Jacqueline Milledge

James Phelps

Jess Kitching

Jo Dixon

Joan Sauers

Joanna Jenkins

Jodie Ward

John Killick

John M Green

John Silvester

Josh Hanrahan

Julie Janson

Karen Iles

Kate Auty

Kirsten Gray

Larissa Behrendt

Loraine Peck

Lucy Campbell

Luke Taylor and Brenda Taylor

Lyndall Ryan

Margaret Hickey

Mark Holsworth

Mark Morri

Matthew Spencer

Meg Foster

Michael Brissenden

Michael Burge

Michael Duffy

Michael Mohammed Ahmad

Michael Robotham

Michael Trant

Michelle Prak

Murray Cook

Nardi Simpson

Nicholas Cowdery

Nicholas Stewart

Nicole Madigan

Nikki Crutchley

Nikki Mottram

Pamela James

Rachel Franks

Rae Cairns

Rebecca McMahon

Rhys Gard

Ron Isherwood

RWR (Rob) McDonald

Samuel Bernard

Sarah Smith

Sean Wilson

Shankari Chandran

Sharon Davis

Stephen Gapps

Sue Turnbull

Suzanne Leal

Tim Ayliffe

Tim Watson-Munro

Tony Birch

Whitney Fitzsimmons

Winnie Dunn

Xanthé Mallett

BAD SYDNEY - BAD Sydney 2023: Sydney Crime Writers Festival Speakers
BAD18: Sydney Crime Writers Festival

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