Xanthé Mallett
Xanthé Mallett

Xanthé Mallett

Dr Xanthé Mallett is a forensic anthropologist and criminologist, author and television presenter who works with police forces across Australia assisting with the identification of persons of interest in criminal cases, as well as providing advanced DNA technologies that assist with the identification of long-term deceased victims and suspects. In addition to her academic and professional work, Xanthé contributes to various true-crime television series, and is a regular contributor to crime news stories for television, radio and print media, most recently appearing on Channel 9’s Murder, Lies and Alibis. Her newest book Reasonable Doubt was published in July 2020. 


FACILITATING AT: Unsafe Convictions: Can we Trust the Justice System?

WITH: Duncan McNab (facilitator)

DATE: Sunday 8 November

TIME: 4.00-5.00

VENUE: Metcalfe Auditorium

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