Suzanne Leal

SUZANNE LEAL is the author of novels The Teacher’s Secret and Border Street.  Formerly a criminal lawyer, Suzanne was a member of the Refugee Review Tribunal and the Migration Review Tribunal before being appointed to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal where she decides cases related to the care and protection of children.  The outgoing senior judge for the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards, Suzanne reviews books for The Australian and is a regular interviewer at literary events and festivals.  Her new novel will be published by Allen & Unwin in 2020


FACILITATING AT: Missing children

WITH: Felicity McLean, Caroline Overington, Christian White 

DATE: Friday 16 September

TIME: 12.30-1.25

VENUE: Macquarie Room


FACILITATING AT: Sisters in crime 

WITH: Jaclyn Moriarty and Nicola Moriarty,

DATE: Friday 6 September

TIME: 2.15-3.10

VENUE: Macquarie Room 

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