Matt Condon
Matt Condon

Matthew Condon

Matthew Condon is a prize-winning Australian novelist and journalist. He began his journalism career with the Gold Coast Bulletin in 1984 and subsequently worked for leading newspapers and journals including The Sydney Morning Herald, The Sun-Herald, Melbourne’s Sunday Age and The Courier-Mail. He has written ten books of fiction, including The Trout Opera and is the author of the bestselling true-crime trilogy about Queensland crime and corruption – Three Crooked Kings (2013), Jacks and Jokers (2014), All Fall Down (2015) and Little Fish are Sweet (2016). His most recent book is The Night Dragon (2019).

APPEARING AT: The Bogeyman
WITH: Michael Duffy (facilitator)
DATE: Saturday 4 December
TIME: 12.00 -1.00
VENUE: Dixson Room

FACILITATING AT: When you are mine
WITH: Michael Robotham
DATE: Saturday 4 December
TIME: 3.30-4.30
VENUE: Metcalfe Auditorium

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