Kodie Bedford
Kodie Bedford

Kodie Bedford

Kodie Bedford started as a cadet journalist for SBS in 2008 and then moved to the ABC as a researcher for documentary series Message Stick. Since leaving the ABC, Kodie has co-founded Indigenous arts group Cope ST Collective. Her credits include her short film Last Drinks at Frida’s, short horror film Scout, and writing for the critically acclaimed ABC drama series’ Mystery Road and Grace Beside Me. Bedford is currently working on a feature film with funding from Screen Australia. She received the Balnaves Fellowship for 2019 for the development of her play Cursed!, which was staged in Belvoir Theatre’s 2020 season, a challenge during a pandemic.

APPEARING AT: Australia as a crime scene
WITH: Melissa Lucashenko, Julie Janson and Daniel Browning (facilitator)
DATE: Thursday 2 December
TIME: 12.00-1.00
VENUE: Metcalfe Auditorium

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