Jack Beaumont
Jack Beaumont

Jack Beaumont

Jack Beaumont is the pseudonym of a former operative in the clandestine operations branch of the French foreign secret service, the DGSE. He joined ‘The Company’ after being an air force fighter pilot and later flying special operations and intelligence missions. Beaumont’s background gives The Frenchman a level of authenticity that few other spy thrillers have been able to achieve.

APPEARING AT: The Frenchman: Spies and treachery
WITH: Tim Ayliffe (facilitator)
DATE: Thursday 2 December
TIME: 3.30-4.30
VENUE: Metcalfe Auditorium

FACILITATING AT: Thrills and chills: The art of the thriller
WITH: James Phelps, LA Larkin and Tim Ayliffe (facilitator)
DATE: Saturday 4 December
VENUE: Dixson Room

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