Duncan McNab

In an earlier life Duncan McNab was a detective in the NSW Police. Today, Duncan is an award-winning and bestselling investigative journalist, television producer (mainly long form true crime and current affairs) and author of 11 books sold in Australia, UK and North America including the best selling Dead Man RunningRoger Rogerson, and the 2017 Ned Kelly Award winner Getting Away With Murder (Random House 2017). His latest book is The Ruby Princess. He was the supervising producer of the 7 Network’s blockbuster true crime series Murder Uncovered (winner of the 2017 Kennedy Award and Clarion Award for best long form documentary) and the 9 Network’s Murder Lies and Alibis.


APPEARING AT: Kings of Crime: The Criminal History of Kings Cross
WITH: Louis Nowra and Michael Duffy (facilitator)
DATE: Thursday 8 September
TIME: 10.30-11.30
VENUE: Dixson Room, SLNSW

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