Dani Vee
Dani Vee

Dani Vee

Dani is host of the popular literary podcast Words and Nerds, where she chats to authors of all genres about the social and political impact of the writing and the writing process.  An English educator for 17 years, she has been a bookworm since birth and loves the classics, crime fiction, contemporary fiction, kid lit and everything in between. Dani is happiest reading a book underneath a blanket with a cup of tea and a lot of dark chocolate. Dani is a passionate advocate for an empathic and just society, and believes that books have the power to change the world.  She has just signed a three book deal with Larrikin House.

FACILITATING AT: Why did they turn to crime?
WITH: Laura Elizabeth Woollett, Pamela Hart, Peter Papathanasiou and Kelli Hawkins
DATE: SUNDAY 5 December
TIME: 2.00-3.00
VENUE: Metcalfe Auditorium


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