Claude Roux

Claude Roux is Professor of Forensic Science and Director of the Centre for Forensic Science at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). He migrated to Australia in 1996 after completing his undergraduate and PhD studies in forensic science at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. Claude has been pivotal to the development of forensic science in Australia over the past 24 years by developing and leading the first undergraduate degree and PhD program in forensic science. He was President of the Australian & New Zealand Forensic Science Society (ANZFSS) from 2010 to 2016. He is the current President of the International Association of Forensic Sciences, a Council member of the Australian Academy of Forensic Sciences and a Fellow of the Royal Society of New South Wales. He also serves on the Scientific Advisory Board of the International Criminal Court.

APPEARING AT: Pointing the finger: forensic science and fingerprints
WITH: Chris Lennard and Sunil Badami (facilitator)
DATE: Friday 3 December
TIME: 10.30-11.30
VENUE: Metcalfe Auditorium

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