Bri Lee
Bri Lee

Bri Lee

Bri Lee is a writer and journalist. She is the author of Eggshell Skull, a memoir describing her experience as a complainant in the Australian court system for sexual abuse as a child which won the 2018 Queensland Premier’s Young Writer Award and the 2018 People’s Choice at the Mark and Evette Moran Nib Literary Awards for research in writing. Her journalism has been published in The Saturday PaperCrikeyThe Guardian, and Harpers Bazaar, and she often appears on ABC’s The Drum


APPEARING AT: Who’s on trial here? Justice and prosecutions for sexual assault

WITH: Nicole Abadee (facilitator), Hilary Bonney, Suzie Miller

DATE: Friday 6 September

TIME: 11.15-12.05

VENUE: Metcalfe Auditorium

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